STEM Advantage in New Mexico at the NSPA (National Scholarship Providers Association) Conference

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STEM Advantage in New Mexico at the NSPA (National Scholarship Providers Association) Conference

This past week, I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend the National Scholarship Providers Association annual conference for STEM Advantage. It was the first time at NSPA and the second time I was in Albuquerque.

What impressed me the most about the conference was that despite there were folks there from Foundations, Universities, Nonprofits, and other groups, all were willing to share their challenges and successes very openly and transparently. I was able to speak with other scholarship providers about their best practices, developing alumni associations, and engaging scholars.

I met so many really caring and passionate people who support the next generations of leaders, doctors, professionals, and educators through their scholarship dollars. We, like many organizations, support students so that they can attend and finish college; I was among my peers and the level of peer-to-peer learning that took place over the three days we were together was high.

Albuquerque is a charming town. It has a diverse history and the turquoise skies and balloon fiesta brought quite a few to the region. I had a blast walking around old town, where I had been nearly 20 years before while a student of Dr. Stephen Kaufman’s at RVCC. He took us on two trips, one to the Four Corners region to visit Acoma Pueblo, Chaco Canyon, and Albuquerque. The second was in the Pacific Northwest. As an anthropology major, these trips were not only inspiring but also informational.

I came home inspired to make our scholarship program even better! Stay tuned for more details…

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