STEM Advantage Completes First Week of Information Sessions!

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STEM Advantage Completes First Week of Information Sessions!

It has been a busy week for STEM Advantage; I have been out visiting our five partner campuses in the California State University, hosting information sessions that include a resume workshop! We began at California State University, Los Angeles on September 6, Information sessions at California State University, Dominguez Hills on September 10th and 14th, California State University, Long Beach on September 12th, and our newest partner California State Polytechnic University, Pomona on September 13. WHEW, a lot of traveling!

However, the best part of visiting each campus is getting to know the students. I am always impressed with the engagement and abilities of our Cal State STEM majors, especially those who I interact with during my visits. This year, so far, was no exception…they are amazing young men and women!

Yesterday, I completed my rounds at our Cal State partner campuses at California State University, Northridge. Again, just was with the other four campuses, the students stayed until the end, learning how best to construct a quality resume and how to search for internships. Helping them find and land a paid, full-time summer internship for 2019 is what my visits support, along with sharing STEM Advanatage’s program and its benefits and impacts.

We are proud to say that we have a 100% graduation and hire rate post-graduation! Our scholars, now six years out, are giving back by taking on STEM Advantage interns themselves and encouraging their colleagues to do the same. Our goal this year is to increase the number of applications we receive by double over last year, as well as see the number of scholars accepted and placed into internships also increase.

To do so, we need your help. We are recruiting internship providers and mentors for the 2019 cohort of STEM Advantage Scholars, or the Faces of STEM! OurĀ  Mentoring commitment is not large, 1:1:1 or one hour, once a month, for one year. To become an internship provider, all you need do is inform us of the number of interns your company is willing to place, agree to view our Scholars’ resumes, and if qualified, interview them for the position. Providing us with a job description ahead of time guarantees that we will select the qualified candidates from our total pool; sending you those students who fit your needs as interns. You decide if and who you will bring on board as an intern, and we do NOT charge a fee for this service. We do this because we KNOW that the value of an internship is great on both sides: the interns gain valuable hands-on experience; the provider gains a proto-employee.

Tune into my radio show on Friday, September 21, 2018 where I will be discussing retaining diverse talent with Cindy McKenzie, VP and Board member of STEM Advantage as well as Chief Information Officer for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.

Today, I am extending our outreach at STEM Advantage into the Community College sector, with our first information session/resume writing workshop at Pasadena City College, another new partner! A bit thanks to Ernesto Partida and his team for bringing STEM Advantage to PCC. Looking forward to meeting your students today and on the 20th of September…

More soon, off to PCC.



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